Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do you want to Make Money Online??

This is a question I am expecting a “yes” answer if you are to leave a comment.. I bet if you are a student just like me, jobless and relies mainly on the allowance my generous parents give me, am sure you will give me a big YES!

When I first had my internet connection at home I never thought of using the internet as a money making machine. All I did was to join friendster, create blogs for pleasure, chat, search, play games online. I never thought the internet is a big place for gigantic opportunities. So eventually I found out that the internet can be good source of extra money and now i am really earning extra money for my extra wants.. hehehehe.. since i am using a dial up connection at home, i plan to apply for broadband next month perhaps. i can't earn that much with a slow connection. i am more excited everyday to find out how much i earn from my online money making venture. For earning sites, i included plenty of them in my other articles. if you wish to make money online too, you should start now.


Carl Ocab said...

hi, all i can say is great posts man!! great tips:)


influence said...

thank carl...lady here carl.. anyway, are you 13 years old? youve got really good blogs..

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