Saturday, March 3, 2007

One of the Best Earning Sites

I am talking about Mylot. I first saw the site through sometime in june 2006. I read what it was all about, the FAQS, the Guidelines, Earning System, etc, but was not persuaded to join. I read some discussions and although the discussions did impress me, I thought I am not good enough in writing to make a discussion of my own. So I just let that opportunity to pass by. A few more months later I bumped into Mylot again, but skeptical and unsure about how it works and how it will pay me, considering I don’t know about paypal, ikobo or e-gold, again I ignored mylot. Until last December, through friendster again, I saw mylot in the classified ads. This time, I joined out of curiosity’s sake. I started a new account in mylot last December 21 then posted like 10 discussions then never bothered to check on it again. I went back home to my hometown for semestral break.

In the third week of January, I logged in to mylot and that was the start of my MYLOT ADDICTION. I love the discussions in mylot and the feeling that people respond to your discussions is just so great. I just keep writing in mylot during my spare time, even during examinations, i still managed to adjust my time for my mylot addiction. Last February 9, i got my first payment from mylot. It was over 30 dollars. And all that by just doing what i love to do write and express my mind. I know i could have earned near 50 dollars if i had a fast internet connection at home and i am not in school. But based on the time i spent in mylot, over 30 dollars was already very huge. The secret to earning in mylot?? Check my other post.

Meanwhile, here is the link to one of the best earning sites there is in the net right now. Follow the link and start earning dollars.


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