Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Seven Things that New Bloggers Must Consider| Tips for Adsense Users

1. Write not only for yourself but for others. While a blog is like a diary, it is not the typical diary that is yours alone to read. There are other people reading your blog. Don’t simply please yourself. Consider that you have an audience to please, expectations to meet to be successful in blogging. REMEMBER. You start a blog to share something.

2. Choose a good subject for your Blog and target a particular audience. Yes you can blog about anything, but if you intend to earn money out of your blog then choose the kind of topic that appeals to many people. You can use the net for free to find out what words, keywords, topics, that internet users mostly search for.

3. Submit your blog to different blog directories, to google, to yahoo, msn, etc. You can submit your blog for free to numerous directories. Take advantage of this opportunity. Submit to as many directories as you can. You may not immediately see your page rank or your blog every time you search for it but after a not so long waiting, you surely will. Patience! You don’t get a page rank of 2 or 5 in 24 hours or weeks, or months. Some blogs or websites may fall in the exception, but there are only few of them, and it’s not without money involved.

4. Advertise your blog in forums, in discussions, and in other blogs in any possible way you can in the internet. There are billions of internet users everyday scattered in different websites. Thousands, Hundreds might notice your blog or only one, but at least your blog has the opportunity to be seen and the possibility of being visited.

5. Exchange links with fellow bloggers and other sites. Don’t expect people to exchange links with a newly started blog. Many bloggers will ignore your request and will find your blog as a disadvantage rather than an asset to their already established blogs. Don’t lose hope. There are still bloggers and sites that will be happy to exchange links with you.

6. Focus on your blog’s contents. You may not get links to your site that fast, but a good blog will surely be noticed sooner or later. A good content is what keeps the readers coming to your blog. Update your blog regularly, at least 3 times every week for new bloggers. Your blog will be spidered more and crawled often if updates or new posts are detected.

7. If you put adsense in your blog, choose the proper template and proper ad positioning. Experimenting and changing the look of your blog does not hurt. Experiment, explore, observe until you discover what’s best for your blog and for your pocket. Bear in mind that you don’t just need traffic, you need useful traffic to your site, a traffic that will be tempted to check what’s in your blog.

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Anonymous said...

i have heard a lot about making money from blogs. can you give me an estimation as to how much will i earn every month incase i have a blog. i have a blog but i am not applying for adsense, or adbrite or blog to profit, etc. if i will get a real sum of money out of my blog i would be very happy.

what topic will you suggest in case i make a blog at blogspot or wordpress?

lady said...

it can earn as little as 5 dollars to 1thousand box or more per month. the trick really is to make your blog famous so that people will visit it. how? exchange links, comment on forums, submit to directories. but as a beginner expect a little earning at first.but in due time and with hard work you can increase your earnings every month.

Anonymous said...

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