Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Earn From Clixsense

I joined clixsense last March 24, 2007 and I have earned $5.05 already. Clixsense is another good way for you to earn with your blogs or websites. Clixsense is free to join and the minimum payout is only $10. Clixsense pays you for viewing 30 second ads.

Join Clixsense here:

You can also make money through its affiliate program. Like any other affiliate programs, you just put the clixsense banner in your blog or website. Leave it there and start earning. I earned my $5.05 without doing anything. Clixsense may not be as popular as the other programs so what?? Is that too much of a thing to do—you just register for free, and copy the code in your blog or website. You’re done in about 5 minutes or less.


Syaf The Geek said...

Well I've signed up and it seems pretty good too. This is the same concept with BlogSoldiers.

Anonymous said...

ClixSense is a load of crap. Did you know they charge you $3.00 just to send you your check? And they do not offer any other form of payment.

You KNOW how long it takes to make three dollars in clicks so it's absolutely ridiculous to have that deducted from your earnings. Pathetic.

What's worse is when I complained, my account was suspended and I was a premium member!

They're seriously screwing all their members. Stick with AdBux.

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