Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Earn Money at Review Me

Here's another worth mentioning website that will monetize every blog- This cool website pays you for writing reviews of other sites. Based on observation, some members get paid from 5 dollars to 750 dollars per review (or perhaps even more). A member is eligible to a maximum of 10 reviews per month (but you may not get this much review offers). If you do your math, say you get paid 20 dollars per review and you make 10 reviews, so that's a total of 200dollars a month. Now what if you are paid 50 dollars per review, again multiply it by 10, you get 500 dollars a month. That's a lot! Well!

Joining is for free. Once you are registered, you shall submit your blog/s and wait for review offers from advertisers. You have the option to accept or reject review offers. ReviewMe makes money through advertisers who wish to have their sites reviewed by bloggers and as a result get additional traffic. As a blogger or website owner, you too can have your site reviewed for a fee!

Free web directory, accepting free link submissions.


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