Sunday, June 10, 2007

Keyword Position Dropped

Normally if i search at google using the keyword "legitimate earning sites" i get the top position, that is ranked number One in the search results. Last night as i was browsing through google i was startled to discover that my website "Make Money Online" is no longer listed at rank 1 in the search results using the same keyword- Check this out! I am now ranked number 4 in the search results. I don't know why it happened, why the sudden drop. I did change my templates a couple of times. I wonder if it caused the sudden changed or could it be that i changed the metatags? What is more confusing is that if i use the SEO keyword Position Checker my website is ranked 1, 2, 3 using the keyword "legitimate earning sites".
Compare the results:
  • Now at Google -Make Money Online is ranked 4
  • SEO Checker- Make Money Online is ranked 1 and 2 (Which had be the case normally in the past weeks)
I don't really know what's the real reason for all of these. I do understand that page rank or keyword position is a complex matter and that there is competition in the net in relation to this. Well, another website/s may have outranked me.I just hope i can keep my website on the top again, consistently everytime someone uses the keyword "legitimate earning sites". (Sigh!)


rhean said...

it happens to all websites. positions and page rank change. your changes in your template may have altered how google spiders your site. just go over your new template and compare it with the old template of yours.

good luck

rhean said...

i forgot something.. check your meta tags too.

Franx Budi said...

Can I ask you?I using free blogger how I increase my rank when use keyword secret of mind..please help me Thanks
Sorry If I ask you here because after I read this article..I still confuse

Jon said...

By the sounds of the timing of your post, I personally think the ranking algorithm changed about then. I too was ranked 1 and had most of the top 5 listings in my key word "SGR PROGRAM" but now don't seem to get higher than #4. Additionally, duplicate sites with EXACTLY THE SAME CONTENT/METATAGS etc began rotation in the Top 3 spots. I contacted those site admins and they said nothing had changed and I confirmed they were duplicates.

I also wonder if my article on how to get the Top 3 spots got noticed so the algorithm changed. Oops.!&id=548372

lady influence said...

Thanks rhean.

lady influence said...

hi franx budi. Page rank is a complex matter. google's algorithm is hard to fully understand. but i did got a page rank of 4 when my blog was barely 3 months, and i suspect all my efforts during the first two months is what really boost my page rank. on the third month, i was on vacation and had no opportunity to check my blog and promote it.

I used the SEO Elite 4's free version(which expires for a couple of days).You can download it from the net. just search for it in google and you will find it. SEO Elite will give you some tips as to how to position your keywords, metatags, etc.

Also,you see those "Blogging Tools/Directories" in my blog-- submit to all of these and try to get as many websites with a page rank of 2 or better to link to you.


lady influence said...

thanks for dropping by Jon. We are experiencing the same plight. well, at least our websites still show up in the first page of the search results. hheehhe..

Am curious about your Article "How-I-Went-From-Zero-To-Top-3-Spots-On-Google-In-10-Days". I'll give a check. :)

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