Sunday, June 24, 2007

Make 10 dollars under 5 minutes

Sounds impossible? No, not really. I've found few good earning sites that can give you this result. Usually you get your 10 dollars or more immediately after joining. Am not talking about getting paid by merely signing up like what some websites offer. Rather you make your 10 dollars or more by participating, by that i mean completing offers, surveys and trying free products. Sometimes these websites give you 1 or 2 dollars for just signing up for a certain program, or they pay you 5 dollars for joining a survey program, or 5 dollars for entering your email with an intent to participate in another program, or they pay you 10 or 20 dollars for trying their free products.

The secret to earn more money here is to participate. Join as many survey offers, sign up offers and try as many products there is. But be sure to create a new email address so that you will spare your existing email address from spams.

Here's a tabulation of possible offers and their corresponding revenue:

Signing for another program= $2.00 x 3 = $ 6.00
Joining in surveys = $5.00 x 3 = $15.00

Trying products for free = $10.00 x 3 = $30.00

Grand Total
= $51.00
(but you know you could earn better than that if you want)

You can try the following programs below for free and start counting your dollars.


Good Luck on your way to Earning!!!


rey said...

sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

might give it a try.

lady influence said...

thanks rey. . you will really earn in these programs. you should sign up and see for yourself.

lady influence said...

hi anonymous visitor.. thanks for visiting my blog. :)

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