Friday, July 20, 2007

Best Recommended Earning Sites for July

Wanna know my best performing money makers this july? I am just a new blogger. I don't earn the way John Chow or Kumiko earn online. But one thing is sure, my earnings increase as the day progresses. If all my earnings are summed up, i get a total of close to $1,000 this july(edited, i mistakenly included my earnings last june). But you know sites have set a standard minimum payout so i can't get the money until i reach a certain amount. I will list 2 earning sites that i have given me much money without too much work. These sites are free and your earning potentials with these sites are just unlimited.

1. Clickbooth has the highest payout for every lead, click or sales you bring to the site. Clickbooth works very simply, you put advertisement codes in your site, if someone buys, or clicks the code you get paid from less than a dollar to $350. I think there is higher payout than $350. It is not hard to generate leads/sales. For example if someone joins a survey through you, you get paid 1 dollar, lead to a dating site- 3dollars per lead, or someone buys a product through you, you can get $40.

You can choose from a variety of banners or text link ads, or even send ads through email.

2.ReviewMe! -- This is one of the easiest way to earn. At reviewme you earn for the reviews you make of a website, a service or a program. You get paid from as low as $5 to as high as $750. (Not sure if someone has been paid $1000 per review.) Google adsense needs clicks to pay you, at ReviewMe, just write, express your opinion and earn. Make as many as 10 reviews. It is similar to payperpost but i have officially abandoned my payperpost account as it pays only through paypal.


Blogerdeblog said...

Awesome blog, these are very good sites to get paid on a pay per lead basis!

Check out my blog as well that will tell you how to make money online for FREE!

lady influence said...

thanks blogerdeblog.. i will check your site.:)

Moi said...

Great infos on this blog!
Thanks for sharing... Will think about writing reviews...

lady influence said...

you should try it moi.. i guarantee you will earn a good amount!

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