Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Clixsense Check

Here's the check i got from clixsense. It's posted late because of my slow dial up connection before. This check is my firs t from clixsense, worth 7 dollars. It is supposed to be 10 dollars but since am outside America they took 3 dollars as processing fee for sending the check to me. In my clixsense account i now have another over 20 dollars but i made my minimum payout higher. So again for those who want to know what clixsense is and how it works click here.
Clixsense has been advertised in American television. It works by clicking the ads shown in the site itself. You get paid per click. Refer others to the site and you get paid. When your referral upgrades to a premium account you get an automatic 5 dollars. A premium account offers more high paying ads. Upgrade your account to premium so you have better opportunities. Premium account equals more money. Join now by clicking here.


Malathy said...

Congrats. I am happy for you.
Are you a premium member?

lady influence said...

Hi malathy. thanks for dropping by and leaving a message. No i am not a premium member. My goal to earning online is to earn money without spending. It's harder this way because the opportunities are lesser compared to being a premium member or compared to sites that require a fee yet they pay more. I admit, there is more money if you invest money too. I have no work malathy. I am a student. Blogging is my love and earning just comes secondary to it.

About my earnings from clixsense, i reached that much money from my referrals. My referrals upgraded to premium and as a result i get 5 dollars per upgrade. Ifyou decide to join clixsense, please join under my referrals. . thank you so much..

Bobert said...

I found ClixSense was too hard to make money with because it took forever. So I found a site that pays you for surfing the net when using their toolbar. It works wonders. Its called Agloco Sign up here!

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