Friday, July 6, 2007

Please Don't Let this Opportunity Pass

I've never seen any other earning site that pays you that much for every referral you make. $3 for every direct referral and 1 dollar for every indirect referral. I have to talk of the referral thing first because it's the easiest way to earn without doing anything literally.

I won't keep this site from you. Everyone wants to earn even a single penny. Money may not mean everything but it means a lot. For a person like me who has no work yet likes to blog and surf the net, this site gives me one of the best opportunites to earn and help pay my internet bills. Currently i have over $15 in my account, again i made this much almost without doing anything, except for some emails i read. I just need to reach $30 to pay my internet bills. But ill get there soon.

What am i talking about?I am talking of WOWEarnings! If you have heard of this and you ignored it, what a loss! But now is your chance to review the site and make money.Wowearnings works like Cashcrate, treasuretrooper, Paidtoshare and SendEarnings. But the only difference is that Wowearnings has one of the best referral program. $3dollars per direct referral and $1 per indirect referral. Your account gets credited automatically, unlike bidvertiser or google adsense where you have to wait till your referral meets a certain amount for you to be credited. You also earn from paid to sign up offers, paid to click offers, free trial offers, surveys and more.
I'll talk to you straight. I wan't YOU to join this site! I'm not a hypocrite, of course if you join under my referral i get 3dollars instantly (that's big in the Philippines). And i will appreciate it so much. But this is not just about me gettting some cash, it's also about you, earning:
1. Cash (5dollar sign up which i did not avail before, offered only now!),
2. And the opportunity to earn even more.

You've heard me talk of many earning sites. I've been on the serious quest to discover good earning sites where we could all get additional income and i tell you, wowearnings is one of the few bests!

Your decision matters. If you are a filipino you should join this site. If you are a US citizen, a Canadian citizen or whichever country you came, the more you should join!

I don't think i have to post calculations here. You know the potential earnings there is just by the referral system. Much more with the surveys, trial offers, cash offers, etc.

I've revealed a good opportunity to all of you. I expect you to join (my sincerest gratitude if you join under my referral!) Don't worry about the mode of payment. It pays through paypal, e-gold, check or storm pay if you reach $25. International users are welcome.

Click here to join!

Spread the news! Let others know the opportunity. Link to this post or just introduce others to this program in your own way. Good luck!


Just Edited this post to let you know that there have been complaints raised
against wowearnings- one shocking complaint is that they don't pay it's members.
Again i feel like this is something i shouldn't hide from you. I am here to blog
and earn and at the same time expose to you the truths, the lies, the doubts
behind a certain site.

Still the decision is yours!

Thanks for reading!


john said...

im joining under your referral. thanks for telling us this opportunity.

Mark S. said...

me too, i'll join.. And to help you reach $30 am joining under your referral.

shayna said...

hmmm.. i think you convinced me.. I will join later. please give a visit to my blog. it's new though. i need traffic. thanks

it's very new. i will have to make template customization. thank you.

lady influence said...

thanks a lot john. It means a lot to me that you join under my referral. I assure you won't regret you join.

lady influence said...

so nice of you mark..
i hope i can reach $30. That is enough to pay my internet bills.. But then, don't worry Wowearnings is a great earning site. I'm not advertising it for the sake of me earning extra money. I do it to earn and help others earn too.

lady influence said...

my thanks to you too shayna. Ill give your blog a visit..

jeanete said...

i really like how honest are you unlike some bloggers who only blog to earn and even tell others lies.nice one girl!

lady influence said...

thanks jeaneatte.. again i don't blog simply to earn. earning just comes second to blogging. i don't wanna fool my readers. i want to be always credible.

iSSa said...

hi there! i joined just so you'd earn $3, hehe! lam mo naman pinoy, matulungin ;) nwei if u wanna earn small dollars but steady, check my commercial blog (hehe): ..i also have a noncommercial food blog if u like food:'s to earning dollars while surfing! =)

lady influence said...

hi issa. thanks for joining. But im still not sure if this thing is a scam or not. But anyway thank you so much for the kindness. Im gonna check your blog now.

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