Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Get Inspired to Earn More!

Reading a blogger's blog and how he makes huge amount of money online is inspiring. The thought of John Chow, Kumiko, Paula Neal , Mike Perry and other successful bloggers just fires me up. Every blogger desires to be as successful as these few.

I was browsing through Mike Perry's Blog and i found out he has made over $600 at Adultfriendfinder. Literally doing nothing, because you simply put adultfriendfinder's link in your blog and watch the money come to you.

Mike Perry's Glorious Earnings at Adultfriendfinder

I told myself, i wish to earn that much too and more!!! Hey, what a better way to achieve it, by watching the man ahead of me Mike Perry and learn why he is ahead. Then emulate him! That's right, emulate him! So want to follow Mike Perry's footstep and earn over $600? Emulate the man! To get to the finish line you have to start now!

$600??? You know what to do. Join adultfriendfinder! Act promptly! What you know is useless unless you do something about what you know!


kirbitz said...


i know theres no paypal in the phils. Im not actully cashing out or transferring it to any account yet lady. Cant i even store the money there for now?

Do you have any solutions on this lady? How do you intend to get paid lady?

thanks in advance.


lady influence said...

i never join sites that pay via paypal. maybe you can just choose a higher payout and wait till Paypal decides to operate in the Philippines. by the way, have you joined reviewme?

Colin said...

Nice site and some good information, followed it through from BTF.

kirbitz said...

Oh, i see. . . How do you intend to get paid? are there any more methods that i can employ to have my payment aside from mailing it? Im hesitant about the posting service in the phils of ever i do get my payouts. .

Thanks for the info lady. Much appreciated. ;)

BTW, please give me an e-mail lady.

I think we can communicate there better. ;)

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