Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Idiot Blogger

Here's a new blog that is likely to catch your attention: "The Talking Idiot's Blog". This is a relatively new blog with less than 10 posts to date. The Posts are insane, hilarious and some are disgusting. But they do tickle your mind and by this i mean the posts are amusing and or irritating. The posts are not at all bad. They are just peculiar as the blog's name suggests "Talking Idiot".

Entertaining? This blog is entertaining for me. Few reactions i could likely predict from its readers are "eeww", "yucky", "hahahah", "disgusting", "this is insane!" and the like.

This blog is just starting. So what's the point of criticizing when the idiot is just what i would be under similar cicumstances (of being an idiot!). Talking idiot should write more decent, less vulgar articles, which i expect in a few days.

Visit the talking idiot's Blog here. We have a 13 year old kid blogger, now an idiot blogger. What's next? It's everyone's free guess!

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