Saturday, August 11, 2007

Improve Your Page Rank

My filipino friend Kirbitz informed me of this new linking strategy to improve a blog's Page Rank. The idea is simple and similar to viral linking and technorati building. Just copy and paste and spread the news so others may do the same and the linking continues. The success of linking strategy is dependent on the number of bloggers who participate.

Some notes of guidance:

  • Use the right click + "view page source" way of copying the whole thing applicable for both IE and Mozilla. Also, use CTRL + F to quickly find "start copying here" if your using Mozilla. Its much easier that way. ;)

  • Dont forget to notify the bloggers you added to this list.

  • Give tribute to the blogger who informed you of this linking strategy by providing a link back to his blog.

  • Comment on this post if you added this to your blog and i will directly add you and get a backlink from this blog.

  • GoodLuck on the next PR release! ;)

    • ** Start Copy Here **

      We all know how important getting link backs is and with this chain, you can get the ball rolling! You don’t have to be an established blogger to take part in this chain.

      Here are the rules:

      1. Copy this post from the point where it says “Start Copy Here” to the point where it says “End Copy Here”

      2. Add yourself and 5 of your favorite bloggers to the end of the list.

      3. Post this on your blog

      Enkay Blog Ms. Danielle Cash For Comments BetShopBoy JohnCow Mr. Gary Lee Jon Lee Dosh Dosh Some Make Money The King Kong Blog RomanDock Michael Kwan Ed Lau Jane May Sam Breadstone Windows Tips, Tricks and Hacks ProBlogger The Beef Jerky Blog The Prize Blog Online Coupon Codes Jamaipanese Rugjeff ShadowScope The News Press Net JohnWaraas Life Is Colorful A Touch of Sweetness That Says It All Bama 365 Bohemian Bloggers The Sassy Southerner Protocol In Practice TJ’s Anti Contrarian Londoner Life Dot Com That Bitchy Chick Theres A Blog In My Soup Daily Webbers Clear 2 U Marketing Drunken Housewife Vic2x Programming Riches of Destiny BISEAN Agloco Hours Net Business Journal Milton Ramirez Adsense Tracker Mischief Gaje Master Blogging The Life of Socrates Rowan Forest Homeschool Blog Duck Cash Rich Tools Monday Morning Power Twice As Nice or Double or Triple How To Get Traffic On Blogs Grok Dot Com Digital Nomads The Paint Veil Monkey Giggles Average Joe Blogger ShaMoney Maker Le chasseur d’avion Xcodec Cricket Ahmed In The Middle Cute Knut & Friends Hillary’s Place Laces and Roses Five Point Someone LeLabu All The Info Blogitude Anton Olsen Spare Moolah Susan Suarez Keeyit Earn money with Kirby Space of Influence Batang Yagit Jehzlau-Concepts A Lady's Confession All About Facts Earn as Affiliate Destinations Around the World A Filipina's Rants Speedcat Hollydale Page

      **End Copy Here**

      By participating you loose nothing, but my omission you may loose a lot. Don't worry about his falling under link farming because i don't think it falls under link farming.To be safe, you have the option to rearrange the blogs above, just be sure there are no missing blogs or broken links.

      I urge you to participate and If you decide to be part of this linking, please do comment so i can include your link in the list above.


      kirbitz said...

      Youre more than welcome lady. ;)

      Buscalo said...

      Nice blog info, I have a blog and a webpage. My web page is visit it and leave your link info for linkback.

      Speedcat Hollydale said...

      You are linked at the Speedcat Hollydale Page I will also add your linking list to others on my site! :-)

      keeyit said...


      Go..Go..Go.. To make our PR up for next round !!!

      lady influence said...

      thanks for the comments buscalo..i will visit your webpage too. expect me there.

      lady influence said...

      hi speedcat hollydale. thank you putting my link in your blog. in return i will put your link in the links above..

      Pisanu for BISEAN said...

      Welcome to the train! Cheers!

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