Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blogger Templates Resource List

Here's a good list of websites to find good unique blogger templates:

2.Free Templates for All- New resource and has plenty of unique template designs.
3.Blogger Templates-
5.Blogger Templates
7.Fresh Blogger Templates- new resource, has some SEO friendly templates
8.Pyzam- New resource, lots of templates here.
9.Template Panic
10.Free Skins


Fresh Blogger Templates said...

Thanks for the inclusion in your list . I truly appreciate the acknowledgment a.lot.

lady influence said...

no problem.. i love your templates. hope you can make more 3 column templates with different color designs for blogger..

Constructicle Boy said...

thank you very much for your kind comments!

Peter Parks said...

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Anonymous said...

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Me said...

Nice set of resources.

diogenes said...

Grea list.

lady influence said...

thanks me..

lady influence said...

thanks for visiting diogenes..

Prakash said...

Nice lists.Try to include more that may helpful to others, because many new bloggers are coming and all of them may want to make their blog with a new style.

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