Friday, September 21, 2007

Get a Free Blog At Thoughts.Com

Adding to a lot of websites offering free blogs is Thoughts.Com. It is a totally free blogging community. Registration is free. Eligibility is limited however to 14 year olds and above. Members can make a blog posts, upload photos, videos, read and comment on news. Thoughts. Com also offers forums where members can express and communicate with fellow members, plus their instant message system to all members. Participation in Forums is made open only to those members whose total user rating is 4.0 or higher. This is their so called User Rating System. Members are rated based on their blogs posts, videos, photos and podcasts.

As a member of Thoughts.Com , you can win special prizes. Currently the valuable prize awaiting 5 lucky members is “free trip to Las Vegas in Novermber 2007.” You have to be an active member to be chosen. Choosing the lucky 5 is the sole prerogative of

This is what the lucky members will be getting:

  • Roundtrip airfare for two from anywhere in the continental United States.
  • 3 Night stay at a 4 star Las Vegas resort (to be determined)
  • Complimentary dinner 3 nights
  • Complimentary shows 2 nights is giving this community trip annually, travel locations changes every year.

Other noticeable features of are instant access to latest news through their News section and their Charity Section, which list some quality charity organizations that members can visit and voluntarily give donations and contributions.

Thoughts.Com does not allow members to send unsolicited emails, posting commercial advertisements, affiliate links and any other form of commercial promotion. Violations may result in removal of posts or links and even expulsion from the site. So, basically you cant use the site to make money by advertising. But if you just want to have your own online journal, money making aside, then get your Blog at!

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