Saturday, September 8, 2007

Make Money Online At VideoSense

Sharing videos at thevideosense can give you profit! At theVideoSense you register for free and upload interesting, funny, entertaining, popular videos to the sites. You can get videos from youtube or other sources. Videos don't have to come from you. You can make use of other people's videos found anywhere online and use it to your advantage and make money.

"Upon you joining thevideosense, you get your own section of the website e.g

From this page and all pages under this location your publisher ID is rotated 50% of the time on all the Google Adsense Advertising displayed on these pages (btw, we are experts at customising google ads to get the absolute highest click through rates.)

By sharing your links with your videos, If other people join beneath you, you get your Publisher ID displayed 10% of the time on their sections of the website.

So really there are two ways to increase your advertising exposure, 1. buy sharing videos and 2 by sharing this opportunity with many other people so your Publisher ID is exposed on many more webpages. Im currently working on my 10 Steps to success, to help members share this opportunity with many other people, supplying 10 different strategies to help you get your Publisher ID exposed as much as possible. Sharing what Ive learnt that works from the last 9 years on the internet."

How much will you make?
At thevideosense they rotate your publisher ID’s 50/50 so you get 50% of the advertising revenue from all users that click on the google ads etc. PLUS if you refer someone to you get YOUR publisher ID displayed on their pages 10% of the time.


meangreen said...

thank for stopping by at my blogMake money online you got a great blog.

It is great how you already got PR4 good luck.

lady influence said...

thanks for visiting my blog too meangreen.. the PR-4 was due to the good links i was able to get..quality matter more than the quantity of links. but im afraid this current PR might go down because i exchange links with PR-0 blogs.. but they are blogs of my friends so i don't really mind..

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