Monday, November 12, 2007

My $67 is Stuck at Payperpost!!!

Not so long ago I joined Payperpost but i was never active due to the absense of Paypal in the Philippines. I never did a single review. But I was clever enough to put the referral code in my blog and convinced people to join PPP. Lucky enough I get some referrals. Refer to Referral stats below:

I also managed to get someone to Review One of my posts which should have yielded $7.50 for me. Unfortunately, none of my referrals have managed to make a post that's approved by PPP. I don't know what happens to the Review of my Post either. All in all I have $67.50 stuck at PPP. Come on referrals, write a 100 word post about PPP and get $20 instantly. You make money and I also make money!


RollinMao said...

I guess writing a post about 300 words will be easy for anyone. However I didn't try PPP so I didn't know how much it can earn. I did wrote an article over 1500 words and was rejected by the article website. :X

lady influence said...

whaat?!!!! D*mn! 1500 words all for nothing? it must have been very disapointing.. but anyway, why don't you try PPP under my referral if you wish, am sure you will earn well.. good luck.. about the changes of your link, ill implement it..don't worry..

RollinMao said...

Thanks. Anyway it's just for more backlinks. Edit here and there will do the job. hehe... I guess I will try when I do have the time... lately haven't got the time to sleep... :)

lady influence said...

i already changed rollinmao.. ill look forward to you joining PPP..heheheh.. :)

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