Friday, November 16, 2007

My Adsense Pin Finally Arrived!

At long last! My Adsense Pin has finally reached my doorsteps! It took me over a month to get my Adsense pin. Wheew! That was a scary wait. I thought nothing would even arrive and my hard earned money will be left uncollected, wasted! I had to request a new pin. But it turns out that, Google really sent my pin on time and it arrived in the Philippines on time, but our postal service is sooooooooo slow in delivering the mails.

I point my fingers at the Postal Service Management in my place for they received my Adsense Pin but NEGLIGENTLY failed to give it to me. I called the Post Office for like 5 times asking if I have a mail and they told me over and over again that there was none. But guess what, all those times that I called, my Adsense Pin was somewhere in their bulk of mails. They did not look into the mails very carefully at my expense. So sad since I wasted my one opportunity to request for New Adsense Pin.

But now I have my Adsense Pin and I'm only waiting for the payment from Google Adsense.


sharidzma said...

congratulations! at last you have your pin. your wait for the payment next.

Anonymous said...


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