Sunday, November 18, 2007

What Divides Bloggers Into Winners and Lossers

Oh boy, he's got a PR-O blog, such loser!

Oh boy, he's got no visitors to his bog, such a loser!

Oh man, he's got a PR-5 websites, how successful!

Oh man, he's earning $5,000 a month, he rocks!

But what is it that divides bloggers into winners and losses? Do we need to look into the Page Rank, the number of hits a blog gets per day, or the dollars a blog makes every month? If you are some robot, a spider or some human crafted software that looks into and analyzes webpages, then you definitely consider PR, hits and the overall structure of a website.

A robot or a spider or whatever it is called technically will analyze a website using these factors:

1. Page Rank
2. Hits
3. Keyword Rank
4. Inbound Links
5. Outbound Links
6. PR of inbound and outbound links
7. etc.

If blogging were some kind of a battle to be won or lost then, if you get no PR, no hits, no relevant links, then you are a deep sh*t loser! Well, that's how a bot or a spider sees your site.

But you are not some kind of a bot who sees nothing, who knows nothing except what it's been program to. How do you divide bloggers into winners and lossers, as a person?

I think all bloggers are strivers and pursuers. Page Rank, Hits are not measures of being a winning blogger or a losser! The real sense of worth and triumph of a blogger comes from being able to do what he really wants and being satisfied.

If you blog for fun and you get only 10 visitors a day, and you're okay with it then you are successful in your own way. If you blog for both fun and money and you get only 10 visitors a day, with zero page rank, yet you feel the sense of satisfaction then you are triumphant. If you have zero page rank yet you get 500 visitors a day, good for you!

The point is being a winner in the blogging field, really depends on you. It's doing and accomplishing what you really want. Being a winner or a loser is not dependent on some kind of Page Rank or SERP which by the way have been losing its credibility and is completely beyond your control. Of course Good Page Ranks or good SERP are sweet treats for any blogger, but then again, its not determinative of success. I have read so many blogs which are worthy of high PR yet they get no PR at all. I made this post to awaken bloggers with low Page Ranks or no Page Ranks at all. The PR says nothing of you being a loser! So go on keep blogging the way you have fun with it.


jay said...

you are right. The Page Rank is not reliable at all.

lady influence said...

thanks for the visit jay.. im afraid Page Rank is not as trustworthy as it was before.but it's still nice to see a good PR. but if you have none, it shouldn't be a big deal. just keep blogging and have fun.

Anonymous said...

nice post!

i blog for fun, i don't care about page rank.

Anonymous said...

Lady, great post. As usual.

Hey, nevermind the PR. Its just a two lettered nonsense. think about how many people you touch with each 200 words or so every post.

Like me. ;)

Youre still my lovely slash witty slash SEXY friend. lol and oh, am still looking forward in meeting you in person. ;)

lady influence said...

thanks kirbz..

well meet in person soon as ill be going to CDO..haahahaha... remember the treat you promised me? hekhekhek, mapasubo jud ka.

oi, $96 from PPP? Astonishing! i only have $25. i only made 2 reviews since i joined.. great job! I can't say no less!

Anonymous said...

lol! haha! Sure2! As soon as EON will prove to be the answer to everything, why not?! ;) Hey! I still am VERY internested in getting to know you more. I need your YM id. ;)

Moving on, thats because I check the site every morning and i used to make EVERY review even the ones with $5 But i think ill be dormant for a while with PPP. They ran out of offers for me. hehe

lady influence said...

heheheh.. thanks kirbz.. but i don't usually chat especially now that am busy with class. but i can give you mah number perhaps..ahhaahaha.. well let me think about that...

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