Friday, December 14, 2007

Waiting for the EXPUSE Number

Today I went to Union Bank to deposit money to my Eon Card. I use Eon Card for my Paypal account. My Eon Card was activated last tuesday. I tried to add it to my Paypal account but I received the message that my card was denied by the bank that issued it. I later on found out that for your Eon card to be added to your Paypal account you must have a transaction history. In response to that I deposited 200 pesos to my Eon Card today. Just minutes after the deposit, I accessed my Eon Card account balance online to verify if the deposit is indicated in my balance, and it was indicated. I then added my Eon Card to my Paypal account and Paypal approved the card. But there is a problem, however and that is the Expanded Use Number.

For me to use Paypal with full functionality, that is I can deposit and Withdraw, I need the 4 digit Expanded Use Number from Union Bank. Without that number its impossible to transfer paypal funds to my Eon Card. I tried to call the Union Bank Customer Service using the Toll Free hotline but I can't get through. I think the line is inexistent already. But I sent a mail to Union Bank using my Cyber Account requesting for the Expanded Number. I hope to get a response by tomorrow.

I'm so excited to get all the money I have earned online, which is currently stuck in my Paypal account. So please Union Bank give me my Expanded Use Number ASAP!


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