Thursday, January 24, 2008

How I Made $27 in Less Than 10 Minutes

I had no intention of revealing this yet but it seems I've not been able to introduce new earning sites lately where my visitors could make money from.

I joined this site where I made $27 in less than 10 minutes last december. I happen to accidentally discovered this site from a forum. A filipino was introducing it and he was bragging about the money he makes from the site every month. Not really very skeptical about things, I always try almost anything for free where there's a potential to make money. So I joined the site. Signing took me less than 2 minutes I guess and then I started to make money worth $27, all in all in less than 10 minutes. I was like "oh that was easy!".

Well, I have not been paid by the site yet as it's minimum payout is $75. It pays through paypal or through US Postal Service. Anyone can join. The site is A.W. Surveys. Since it's a survey site you make money according to the number of surveys you participate in. While the site accepts all members worldwide international members will have lesser opportunities than those living in the United States who can probably complete at least 3 surveys a day.

You can participate in A.W. Surveys even if you have no website. There are no obligations. You choose what surveys to complete, when to complete them.

I am not so lucky with surveys because I am from the Philippines and offers are really limited. So far, this site is the most promising survey site I'm in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Lets' just see how much money will I make.

UPDATE: There's been a lot of stories about AW Survey as a Scam because some members have not been paid. I refuse to say that AW Survey is a scam. Five Filipinos I know have been paid and just another Filipina commented about being paid too. Check the comments for this post. I think the reason why some members have not been paid is because they violate the TOS of AW Survey. If no one's being paid by this site then that's the time I'll conclude it's a scam site. Meanwhile have a look at this proof of earnings which a blogger posted in his blog.

(Click to enlarge)

I have over $50 in my account at AW Survey and I'll post my proof of payment the soonest I get my pay. If you wish to join this site click the link below!

$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

UPDATE: I already have $70 in my account as of the moment. $5 more and I can cash out!
I'll post my proof of earnings when I get my pay. It won't be too long.


asdix said...

ey, sorry for the late reply. got a lot of things to juggle. dan here from Pinoy Nurse yep, added you to my blogroll.. i'll update my linklove later @
and i will add you there, please, add my new blog also to your links..
its at
thanks, btw, Im somewhere in Mahayahay.
'bout u?

lady influence said...

what? you are from mahayahay.. my goodness duol ra jud diay ta. tibanga ko..hhheh.. is "Estranger" your new blog?

Admin said...

Hi Lady, salamat sa comment ha...oo oi, bisayang daku intawon ko. Silingan ra man diay ta. Ako kang i link ha?

Anah said...

Hi lady, maayong buntag diha day. Blog hopping gikan kang Mel's page. Bitaw member pud ko anang website and so far they paid more than $50.

Have a nice weekend,


lady influence said...

hi admin,

hehehhe. silingan ra jud ta.. dghan man diay ta na bisdak noh... sure you can link to me and i'll link to you too.

lady influence said...

thanks a lot Ana. Bisaya pud ka..hhehehhe.. daghan na jud au ta...i linked to you too..

So the site really pays. thank God its not a scam. I have over $50 in my account already and I'm hoping to reach the payout this 3rd week of february.

ingatz always.

rodel said...

nakx! mga bisaya d i mo? hihih.. apil ko be..

uy, i joined awsurveys sad..and almost 50 nato ako..wala na nako gi push kay daghan ug reviews nga spam..

akong gi try og jam2x nga review ang mga sites..bayad man gihapon hihi..

nway, ill try to push it and hit $75 and we'll c if tinuod ba..

lady influence said...

thanks rodel. hapit nako maka abot sa payout and maka prove na jud ko if scam or not ang AW Surveys the moment I am eligible to be paid.. excited pud ko..hehehhehe..

bisdak ko oi. kaw from where man you?

make money online said...

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lady influence said...

link added aravind... you need to make more posts in your blog. it has only 1 post. also submit to directories. where are you from?

Mel said...

Hi Lady, i am your avid reader since i start blogging i like the content of your me up

lady influence said...

thanks mel. i just added your link.. thanks for visiting my blog..

Ernesto said...

Well Lady influence, I just hope you will be able to reach 75 dollars the soonest time possible, and when you do, please announce on your blog here if they have send you your earnings. All the best!

lady influence said...

yes definitely ernesto. But there aint surveys available lately. I will confirm if awsurveys pays or not. if it does not pay, its definitely a scam and i'll inform everyone about it!

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