Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Slash My Search Payout Request

Today I decided to check my SlashMySearch account. It's been a long while since I logged in. It's been months of inactivity in the site. The site was believed to be a scam site and that's why I abandoned it. Today I was surprised to see over $24 earnings despite the inactivity. Morever it is also possible to cash out now. The minimum payout is $20. So I tried cashing out. It takes about 1 to 3 days before the money reaches your paypal account. I'm excited to see if I get paid.

Payout Request

slash my search
slash my search, sms

SlashMySearch seems to be active again now. There are more ways to make money aside from searching. There's the SMS Viewbar which you can download and install. You get paid everytime your computer is on. I just hope the toolbar has no malware or spyware in it because if I get paid after 3 days of cashout, i will definitely download the toolbar and try it.

There is also the SMSCash where you complete offers and get paid. The highest paying offer I've seen so far amounts to a pay of $300. The lowest offer pays $.45. Frankly I am very optimistic at the moment. I know that if SlashMySearch will pay me, it can be a very good earning site and I am confident I can make at least $50 from the site on a monthly basis. My usage of computer alone on a daily basis is sure to bring me some money, plus the offers in the SMSCash that I could complete.

I know it's too early to count the chickens before they hatch or before the eggs hatch. But the optimistic and resourceful "me" can't contain my feelings and thoughts! So anway, 3 days of waiting is not too long (I hope the holidays won't cause the delay in payment). I will keep you updated if I get paid.

By the way, the Payout is $20. International users get instant $5 for joining. But if you are from the USA,you get $15 sign up bonus, which means you only need $5 to meet the minimum payout. I believe this is Slashmysearch way of getting people back to their program.

Visit SlashMySearch here!

UPDATE: The site did not pay me.. I don't urge you to join!


Check Out My Blog said...

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truckingal said...

So, did you ever actually get the payment? I didnt and I've supposedly been 'paid'-over 7 weeks ago! Anotehr SCAM!

make money online said...

i wasnt paid by slashmysearch..

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