Monday, June 23, 2008

Don't Join and Don't Earn!

Don't join and you won't earn! This is what I was reminded of when I logged in to my MYLOT account. I saw many posts about how to make money online, obviously many people know that the internet is a place to make money. Many know that with a computer and internet connection they could earn money just sitting at home. But why do many people still don't earn money online with all the information, facts, earning programs, payment proofs, available online? There are many reasons, but on top of the list is because they won't join! They want to earn, they want money, but they are too skeptical about things. They are too afraid to invest. They are too scared to take risks! Also some people won't join sites that pay very little amount. They want bigger payouts. They don't want the dimes, they want the 4 digits! There is really nothing wrong with wanting more or wanting better. But you can't start and earn big simultaneously. That's the general rule, and you are damn lucky if you belong to the exception!

Anyway, I will introduce a new earning program today. It's a proven program. It has paid many people and if you are never successful with money making online, this could be your saviour. If you join, I don't guarantee you'll earn millions, but I guarantee you'll earn somehow.

I am talking about Homepages Friends, formerly known as MySearchFunds. To make money you will search the internet the usual way you do. Your searches are paid. But don't spam, meaning search using valid words, and click the results.

My suggestion is you make at least 25 searches a day to really make money from the program at a faster pace. You can however make as many searches as you want. There is a minimum payout of £20. That's more or less $39. The payment is through Paypal.

I highly recommend this earning program since it's easy, it's free, there's no website needed, there's no hard set up involved and the pay is great. Don't waste a single day. Join now and earn, or don't join and don't earn!


Laarni said...

Under you. :D

Make Money w/ Gusher said...

hi there Christine,

I've joined this program under you. :-)

Paid to Read Emails said...

I really do love mysearchfunds (or should I say myhpf).

I have had 3 payments of them so far! Its great they now use yahoo rather then

Smiley Rose said...

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Smiley Rose

Ashwin said...

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lady said...

@smiley rose,
link added..:)

i left you a comment at your blog on how to add the navigation buttons.. if you still have problems just let me know, ill be glad to help.:)

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