Sunday, August 3, 2008

Neoffic Payment Proof

With less updates in this blog, I hope I don't give the impression that I am totally out of the blogosphere, because am not. Schedules are hectic for me. But am still into money making but with lesser effort nowadays. I was thinking of optimizing for the Beijing Olympic Games Medal Tally Count as I've seen many bloggers optimizing the keyword, but I don't have enough time to do that. If you sit on a good SERP, you will get additional traffic. So if you have enough time to optimize the keywords do it now.

On one hand, I am introducing a new make money online program that I found. It paid me just today so it's legit. It's called Neoffic. It pays you for the impressions your blog gets with a rate of $2 per 1000 valid IP. I placed the non obtrusive neoffic code in my blog and tested it for a couple of days. Not bad, because today they paid me $.50 cents. See payment proof below.

Neoffic pays via paypal. Once you reach at least $.50 cents you can cash out and the payments arrived in more or less 3 days. A highly trafficked website or blog can really make a lot fof cash from this program. Try putting the code in celebrity blogs or game blogs and you can really make money from it.
Visit Neoffic and Make Money Online!

make money onlineneoffic payment proof
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I urge you to subscribe to my blog. I have new money making programs to share. I'm still experimenting with them. I will share them with everyone in my upcoming make money online post.


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