Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pepperjamnetwork Pays You To Blog

Pepperjamnetwork is great!

With various products to promote and great partner earning opportunities, you should really join this fast growing affiliate program. Pepperjamnetwork not only offers free 10 Sign Up bonus to new affiliates, it also pays bloggers to blog about the Pepperjamnetwork. That's right, talk about Pepperjamnetwork and get paid $10 for doing so. A blogger is allowed up to 5 posts about pepperjamnetwork in a month. So that's a huge $50. I've never seen any other affiliate programs offering this. You are guaranteed $50 a month if you join pepperjamnetwork and avail of this incentive.

All you have to do is to Sign- Up for free, then make a post about Pepperjamnetwork and email the Pepperjamnetwork about the post you've made, then wait for it to be approved. I hope to get $10 by doing this post. I hope it gets approved.

So anyway, I don't know when this offer will last. So I urge you to join. Also, use my referral link by clicking the banner below so that you can avail of the $10 sign up bonus.

I'm really starting to like Pepperjamnetwork even more and I can't wait to cash out!

PJN July Promo


Franchize said...

Interesting, but won't Google latch on? I mean they are latching onto paid PR so if this gets out they'll just penalize the blogs that link there (for taking $$$ in return for link juice) right? Or am I way off??

lady said...


i can't disagree with you.. Big G really hates those Paid opportunities.. So the only solution is to not do the pepperjam posts in blogs with PR..

this blog alone has been penalized by G for doing paid opportunities.. But since I am a member of pepperjamnetwork, I will really talk about them so might as well get paid for doing so..

thank you so much for visiting my blog..


Laarni said...

Just received my $10 too, I made a post and I showed it to Kris. I love ppjam! I can't wait for the 15th!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers that use the Pepperjam Network Blogger Incentiv Program use affiliate links - not direct links to PJN.

This program has nothing to do with Google.

Ways To Make Money Online said...

thanks for the comment and info on my blog, hehe, :)

btw, i'm also a member of PJN but haven't yet received my $10 for joining them. :(

call of duty 5 said...

Thanks, great site.. your is one of very few blogs worth taking the time to read..

Thanks again, Love lisa

bleuken said...

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Thanks and I hope that you join the contest. See you!

bush said...


WikiPika said...

Where do I email the link of the post to?

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