Friday, October 17, 2008

Payment Proof from (Another Payment)

Some bloggers might think that I've stopped making money online because I rarely post in this blog now. To make things clear am still that same Lady you know who makes money online to survive and keep up with life. I still monetize. I still make money online. I look for ways to make money online every now and then. If I don't post in this blog, you can visit my other blog "Pinoy Dollar Quest".

Anyway, here's another payment proof to show that one could indeed make money online. This payment is from Matched.Co.UK. I had a post about this too and I hope you were quick to join then.

No ad clicking needed, no impressions needed. Just join, get your blog or site approved, place an advert on your site then earn cash monthly. The more sites you have, the more you earnings you will get. Sounds easy? Then join now and start making money at home.

Allow me to post my about my "Captivating Capiz" entry here..


Anonymous said...

very interesting i will check it out and see what will come of it.

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