Monday, December 15, 2008

It Looks Like AWSURVEYS is Going To Scam Me! Let's See!

$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

I have been a long promoter of AWSURVEYS. If you have constantly followed my blog you know I never had bad things against AWSURVEYS. Why because back then I was paid. But the past week, things changed. I requested for a payout of $75,of which I'd get $50. I was not paid after a week. I don't know why. They did not send me a message about why my payment was denied. Unlike others who get this message from them of the reason for denials of payments. Mine is strange. No emails and the ticket I sent them got the "resolved" tag even when it ain't resolved yet. So could AWSURVEYS be scamming me? We heard a lot about AWSURVEYS and I told you that as long as it's paying it's a legit site for me. But if not it's a SCAM site. Just wait for my update on this. I already sent them a 2nd ticket. I hope I get paid, because I never cheated on them. You must have read my older posts telling you never to cheat on AWSURVEYS or else they'll ban you or not pay you. But how come I'm getting this problem when I can really say straight to their face that I never cheated on them.. This is really a big problem. I hope I can give you the update in 3 days or so.

For now, refrain from joining AWSURVEYS.


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