Saturday, December 27, 2008

Watch UFC 92 Live Video Streaming Free Online (FREE)

Watch UFC 92 Live Video Streaming Free Online!

SEO is such a complicated thing. Despite having been in the blogosphere for over years I still can't fully grasp it. SEO changes and I believe and there really is no exact formula on how one could rank high for a particular keyword. For instance, after blogging about a keyword/s like Watch UFC 92 Live Video Streaming, after having done bookmarkings and everything, your site can rank high for that keyword immediately thereafter or the soonest your post is indexed. Your rank will stay good only for a few hours or for a day. There after you will loose your rank. Although there are certain instances when your rank stays on top even if you barely do a thing to maintain it's ranking. Sometimes you get a good SERP for say "Watch UFC 92 Live Video Stream Online Free" when in fact you just made the post and did nothing. Questions pop your mind and you begin to think you have a very good blog that is loved by Google.

With all the results you are seeing, you target a new keyword say "UFC 92 Streaming". You waited for a day or two and find out you are ranked number 100 for that phrase. So you have to do your thing in the hope things would turn to your favor, like bookmarkings, directory submissions, backlink generation and everything but then the worst happened. You now rank 120th for the UFC 92 Streaming.

Depressed you start making a new post this time about UFC 92 Live Video Streaming. But this time you were too down to promote it. The past SEO results got the best of you. Then the next day you were shocked to see you are ranking top 1 for the keyword. You checked the competition and it was of the same level and difficulty as your previous keywords. But how come you ranked high, without work for the UFC 92 Live Video Streaming?

It was puzzling but you were encouraged so you make new posts again but then you went through the same cycle again, here now, gone tomorrow, here again, then no where the next day. That's so depressing. But that's SEO, and you have to learn to accept it and learn how to deal with it. No one I believe can be a true master of Search Engine Optimization. We learn a few things as time goes by. But the learning is a long journey. Every SEO optimization we do is a test. We need to pass it. If we fail we just have to study and try the test again. We may not perfect the course but we still learn.

And oh yes, this post is an SEO post too. A test to see if post length is a factor in SEO. By the way the keyword is obvious about- UFC 92 Live Video Streaming.

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Watch UFC 92 Live Video Streaming


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