Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Google's 2009 Algorithm

Is there a 2009 new Google Algorithm?

That's what I read online. Google is implementing a new algorithm which significantly changes website rankings again. It's an "ouch" when you are already sitting comfortably at a top spot in the SERP then suddenly you get dumped!

The Google Algorithm is never fix. It changes sometimes every 3 months, sometimes every 6 months and sometimes yearly. As bloggers the best thing we could do is hope that when there is a new algorithm we won't be severely affected.

It's disappointing to see your pages go from first page to 5th page or 10th page of the Search Engine Results Placement (SERP). I've got few blogs already affected. I don't know if this blog is affected too. I hope not.

How about you? Did you see any change in your SERP rankings lately?

1 comments: said...

Wonder how that gonna affect my serp

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