Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pepperjamnetwork Revoked My Publisher Referral Affiliate Membership!

Pepperjamnetwork removed my affiliate membership for the Publisher Referral Program. As you can see, when I refer someone to the Pepperjamnetwork, I'd get a commission. I don't know why they revoked my membership as there is no explanation at all. They've revoked it a long time ago but it's only now that I blogged about it. I almost forgot about Pepperjam because of what happened. They just revoked it with no explanation. I am left at lost. I just feel though that at least there's an explanation. Just an addition perhaps like "hey you 've violated something so we are terminating or revoking your membership with our Publisher referral program" or something like "we don't like you so goodbye". I'd like to know why, no matter how harsh the reason maybe. Well, they've done it and who am I anyway. Just a regular blogger who tries to make money online.. Here's a screenshot of the email.
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Neha said...


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