Thursday, May 14, 2009

Make Money With Neobux!

I'm back at trying PTC sites- Paid to Click Programs. There is no reason to belittle paid to click programs or paid to surf programs. They really work. I've got regrets why I did not promote these programs intensively before and why I did not join the very first place. Oh, dormancy of accounts might be the proper term to describe my membership with may PTC programs.

Now, after seeing the progress of my friends who used to be earning just $2 a month to $100 to $1000 a month all from PTC programs, I can't help but pity myself for being left behind. So, am doing the move now. Am taking actions. I'm starting off with NEOBUX. It's been here for a long time. It's a popular PTC Program because it really pays on time.

Here are some information:

  • PTC program- NEOBUX
  • Minimum Payout- $2
  • Payout Methods- Paypal and Alertpay
I will let you know of the progress of my money making with NEOBUX soon.


blogger said...

This is definitely a great paid to click site and has surely lasted honest than what I thought it would be.I am just approaching the second payout request from this site and I hope I make it soon.

mladenjacket said...

This is not great but THE BEST ptc site around...

Kay said...

I will have to try this program. I have tried other ppc programs only to be frustrated and annoyed with the time it takes to reach payout, hopeully this one will be better.

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