Friday, March 9, 2007

Earning Calculation

Where are my earnings coming from:

Mylot= $32 paid
$ 18.25

Take the Internet Back= $10

Inboxdollars= $5

wowearnings= $5.30

slashmysearch= $ .25 (prospected scam site) $0 (this is a prospected scam site)

Wealthtoolbox= $200

others= $15 up, yet to be recomputed.

Changing LINKS


jed said...

hi there. it seems you are earning more in mylot.. is joining in mylot for free?wats the minimum payout?thank you so much.


influence said...

hi jed. thanks for visiting my blog. yes joining mylot is free. you earn by making discussions, responding to discussions and through the referral system. if you wish to join, you can click on "mylot" at "earning sites" section at the right portion of this blog.

thank you so much. i will include another 10 earning sites next week.

thanks again.

Mike Perry said...

Interesting, but I wouldn't rely on Wealth Toolbox. There's no way they can pay out such money - that's why they have a 2009 pay out date.

influence said...

yes you are right. i wouldn't count on wealthtoolbox too. i believe it is a scam site. no one has actually been paid and how they will pay us, from what source is not clear.

anyways, i like your blog and i put the link in my site already, if you happen to notice. i hope you will put my link too in your blog. thanks for dropping by.


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