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Below is a list of sites where you are paid for visiting and viewing their site. A description of how the sites work is also provided. I am not members of all of these sites but you might find these sites useful and might actually get money-wise lucky with them. I will include another list of 10 sites in my next article.

Join Now and get paid to visit websites!Links2Cash is a profit sharing internet advertising company that will pay you to visit our advertiser's websites. We allow advertiser's to place links on our website and then we pay you to click on their links and visit their site.Here is some of what Links2Cash offers:Paid clicks to our advertiser's websites.Chance to win instant cash!Unlimited levels of referrals with high payouts so you can get paid for others to visit websites.Get paid monthly.

(2) Heluva.Com is a 2:1 Ratio Surf-for-Hits ProgramGuaranteed Monthly Return On Investment (ROI) YOU Choose10% Credit over-ride for 5 levelsJoin for Free - No login required to surfReal Time Stats accessible 24/7Lots of Bonuses, Contests and Surprises

Welcome to Actionclix –
where you get paid to TAKE ACTION!
Actionclix is the new pay-per-action surf site that PAYS YOU to visit web sites and sign up for FREE STUFF! Simply put, we pay you to visit our advertisers' web sites and sign up for their free offers - PLUS you can refer your friends and make 20% of what they earn! How can we do this? Our advertisers pay us on a Cost Per Action model - that means we don't get paid unless they get action. We share the revenue with you, and EVERYBODY wins!Unlike other pay-to-surf sites that require you to collect tens of thousands of points to earn even a meager prize, or require you to shop through their affiliate store links, Actionclix pays you HARD CASH directly to your PayPal or E-Gold account just for visiting web sites and signing up for free offers. And our low pay out rate of only $15* makes clicking your way to extra income easier than ever! PLUS you earn 20% of everything your referrals earn, calculated in real-time stats so you can see exactly how much is in your Actionclix account everyday. We will pay you from .05 to $1.00 when you sign up for our advertiser's free offers, making it easy for you to Take Action...and Get Cash everyday!

(4) The concept is has advertisers and webmasters that want to bring their websites valuable exposure. offers a portion of these advertising costs to our valued members for visiting these great websites.We will even pay our members to refer new members to our program - 5 referral levels deep!!!

(5) Paid to Surf the World Wide WebWelcome to one of the most exciting places on the Internet where our sponsors pay YOU to watch their ads! However, this isn't the best part. We will also pay you when your friends are online.

(6) new sites and get paid for doing it!Lots of sites to visit every day! We'll pay you tons of Blink points, too!You'll even earn Blink points every time you shop online!

(7), at decide it is time that the Get Paid to Surf industry discovers a new and exciting site. We are the one's to do this and bring forth a whole new meaning to the Internet. At a quick glance, BronzeCash offers its valued members to earn internet cash, which can be transfered into cash in the real world. At BronzeCash, Bronze Points and Bronze Medals are earned, which both can be transfered into cash on the internet and cash in the real world.

(8) Paid to ClickLow $5 Redemption Minimum6 Referral Levels: 10% - 5% - 5% - 3% - 3% - 2%

(9) Get CASH for VISIT the best Internet's sites! pays you to visit our sponsors sites and sign up for programs over the internet. We are giving members the ability to get paid while exploring interesting web sites.You get up to 5 cents for every site you visited!You get up to 5 dollars for every sign up for sponsors program!You get 50% of your Direct Referrals revenue!It's simple:Complete our short sign-up formTell all your friends and family!Log-in to Your account and start earn money surfing around.

Earn points for visiting websitesFor reading emailsFor referring your friends and familyExchange these points for CASH



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