Monday, March 19, 2007

The Great Mylot has Once Again Paid Me

I got my payment again from mylot. It was not that much as the first payment I got, but what the heck, as long as mylot pays my every effort. Hurray!!!

my earnings:

First payment: $32
Second payment: $18

So what is mylot? Mylot is a good place to interact with others, express your opinion, voice out your thoughts and get paid for doing so.

Fee? Absolutely none. Joining is for free.

None really. If you feel like writing, letting your ideas out, then go ahead. But if you don’t feel like doing it, or if you are busy, or if other things are on top of your priorities, its okay.

How it works? Write, Write, Write, Write about anything--- you get paid.
Upload photos--- you get paid.
Refer people—you get 25% of their earnings.

Payment per post? Based on experience, I get about 2 cents per post to 7 cents per post. Average earning based on 30 posts (discussions/responses)alone per day, is about 1 dollar. If you write more than 30posts, say 50 to 100, which are quality ones, you are sure to earn 2 dollars to 3 dollars. I was able to earn close to 3 dollars a couple of times. Also when people respond to your discussion, you also get paid for their responses. An uploaded photo or image can give you about 10-50cents depending on the number of clicks.

The payout? Minimum of 10 dollars.

Mode of payment? Choose from either e-gold or paypal.

So if you love to write, just about anything, want to share your opinion, want your voice to be heard by over 70 thousand mylot members worldwide, if you want to learn from what others have to say, and at the same time earn, then you have found the right place for that “mylot”.

Oops did I forget to mention, that MYLOT actually helps develop your brain into thinking and analyzing more. It actually helps sharpen our brain. That’s a big plus!

Want to JOIN?
Click on the link below and see for yourself what I am talking about.


Anonymous said...

my friend is a member of mylot. i heard mylot is paying less per post, only about 2 cents, to 3 cents, how did you get that much money? was that for a month?


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