Sunday, March 18, 2007

I got free stuff from the Internet delivered right at my Doorstep

The other day I received a letter from Oregon. I did not expect any mail for me from outside the Philippines. Upon seeing the letter and the name of the person to whom it came from, still I had no idea what it was and who sent it to me. So I opened the mail and guess what I got free samples of energy drink. Totally free. T’was when I remembered that I did request for free samples of this energy drink just for the sake of trying if it was for real and that they are really gonna send me one. To my amazement, I got my free sample (although I hope there was money in it too,LOL). I never thought they would send it to me considering that I live in the Philippines and it came from the State of Oregon. I got two free energy drinks. No obligation, completely free. I think sending the item to me is more expensive than the item itself. What a luck!!!


Anonymous said...

Be extra careful of some drinks delivered at your doorsteps. Make sure the company is legitimate and acceptable worldwide. It might be tainted or laced with drugs like cocaine, pcp or worst poison. America is not safe as people think. This is one of the most advance country in the world with witty criminals around. Again please read the labels and ask before you savor the taste and quench your thirst.

Dr. V

influence said...

thanks Dr V.

i have not tasted the drinks yet. Since you've mentioned about it possibly being tainted with drugs like cocaine, or poison, i will surf the net about this product first before actually trying it.

thanks for dropping by Dr!!:)

Anonymous said...

it's good that you receive free items, but the bad thing about it is you don't know if the things you receive are legitimate and safe. you know what i mean. i agree with Dr V, you should read the labels, search the net or ask some expert opinion before drinking it. something free might not be free at all if you will end up in the hospital. hope not.. so just be careful and do some research.


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