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Sites That Pay You for Every Surf you Make

Join today and get your own CashGlow CashBox. You can chat and play games inside your CashBox. The cool part is you get paid for it! You don't even have to download anything.
It is Easy, Fast, and best of all it is FREE!
Chat with friends, share files, create your own rooms, private chat, sounds, play games, and much much more.
You get paid! will pay you for using your CashBox. You also get paid while your friends use their CashBox.

2., by means of The Spedia Network, rewards you for using the Internet. We match the interests of thousands of advertisers with those of millions of users like yourself around the world.Our feature-loaded SpediaBar, comprehensive Instant Cash page, and other programs reward you with cash for viewing and interacting with rich and relevant advertising content while you're online. As an active Spedia user you can easily earn over $50 each month!We have an unblemished track record when it comes to paying members worldwide. We have emerged as the only "Get Rewarded Online" company that has consistently sent checks to its members without fail.


Sound too good to be true? It's not. You can earn cash for every minute that your PC is on and connected to the Internet. By running the Porivo PEER, your PC will also help us provide the most realistic picture of Web performance.
To be eligible, you must apply for the program and download and install the Porivo PEER. It's as simple as that. Porivo is now selecting users from all over the world to participate..
Since we have a limited number of slots available in the PEER Community, Porivo cannot activate everyone. However, users with the most system activity are much more likely to be activated. So, be sure to apply and start running the Porivo PEER today!

Welcome to ClickDough, where earning cash for surfing the Web is easy. Just sign up to use the ClickDough Personal Window and keep it on your screen as you use your computer. You'll be able to earn money while you surf, e-mail, or even listen to music. Plus, you'll be the first to hear about great Member Opportunities that pay you ClickDough cash just for signing up! Also, you'll receive the ClickDough Member Opportunities Newsletter, full of great bargains and offers from ClickDough sponsors! Refer your friends, and earn money when they surf the Web as well! Earn money when they sign for Member Opportunities as well!

CashSurfers is the best surf for cash program to hit the web. You make cash by using our CashBar Navigator(tm) while you surf.
Make huge money referring your friends and family. Win awesome cash and prizes for just having fun on the web!You can earn points in many different ways from
Surfing the internet with their CashBar Navigator (TM).
Special Deals Page. Referring other new Members. You use the CashBar Navigator(tm) to view ads and find cool stuff on the web. You can search the web via their special agreement with at our Search page. Chat, check mail, and work on your homepage all while earning money with the CashBar Navigator(tm).

Welcome to Coins2Cash. When you sign up for our FREE service, you can:
Payout Rates are expected to get higher every month!!!!
Earn CASH just for letting us sponsor your everyday computer activity.
Earn CASH just for telling your friends about us.
Run the Coinbar up to 120 hours/month.
Earn 20% of what your friends make for life, just for telling them about us.
NOW INTERNATIONAL! view the countries on the signup form.
Our Coinbar, which sits on your screen, is your key to earning money that could be used for paying your Internet Service Provider bill, filling your car up with gas, and more.

It's Simple! Just 3 easy steps:
Sign up using our online form.
Download and install the SurfBar.
Now launch the SurfBar whenever you are online. As long as the Date on the SurfBar is GREEN, then you are earning money. It doesn't matter which application you are using or what you are doing. As long as you are connected to the Internet and have the SurfBar opened you will be making money.

Get EARNabled and get paid for the time you spend on your computer! We pay you while you write your papers, surf the Internet, or do anything else you spend time doing on your computer.
Spend hours writing email or checking your favorite news and entertainment sites online? So long as you are using your computer and running the EARNabled application, you will get paid for your time. Join now and start earning!
Membership is free! Along the way, we'll also provide you with other opportunities to earn and save money on the Internet. So if this sounds like a revolution worth joining, sign up now, or
read on to find out more.

Earn cool cash while using your computer as usual. We will not limit you to surfing the web. You may use any application on your computer as long as you are connected to the Internet. We give you cash to :surf the net,refer your friends and sign up for special offers.

Our mission is to create one of the best Internet advertising networks. We want to accomplish this by being honest, sincere, trustworthy, fair, and respectful toward our members and business partners while utilizing ethical business practices. While other services like us pay you for browsing the web, we will pay you for doing anything on your computer, as long as our bar is showing. Welcome to the growing number of smart and intelligent computer users. We will pay you if your referrals are using our service, even if you are not.Our service is free and there are no hidden charges. Refer your friends to our service, and make money when they use their computer also.

How would you like to get paid for the everyday things you do on the Internet anyway? You can when you join going Platinum!
It's simple! Just do your regular Internet activities on the Going Platinum site and earn money for virtually everything you do! Going Platinum is an online, global cooperative community that pays members a share of the revenue their activity on our site generates. We offer great content and lots to do and see!

Imagine telling your friends that your computer earns you money while you are sleeping! It could happen if you are selected to be an Active Porivo PEER in the new Porivo PEER Community.
"That's great! What do I have to do?"
Simple. There are four easy steps:
1.Complete the online application form.
2.Download the Porivo PEER software. (if you have already signed up, login and click on the Download link in the upper right box)
3.Install and run the Porivo PEER software.
4.Register for a free PayPal account.
Everyone must apply for the new incentive program, even current Porivo PEERs. After you install the Porivo PEER, it will recognize that your computer is on and you are connected to the Internet. The Porivo PEER runs in the background of your computer, processing work that is assigned to it by our servers--all without you having to tell it what to do!


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