Monday, March 5, 2007

Various Ways to Earn Online

1. Get Paid for Surfing. You are paid according to the time you are online
2. Get paid for visiting and Viewing Sites. Receive cash after you visit certain web sites and view some ads.
3. Get Paid for Listening. You earn by simply listening to songs thru online radios.
4. Get Paid for Playing Games. Play free games and win great money or prize! If your referral wins you win too.

5. Get Paid for Reading Emails. Just register and agree to receive emails. How much you earn depends on how many emails you read.

6. Get Paid for Setting your start page/homepage. By setting your homepage or startpage to certain pages everytime you start your explorer, you earn money.

7. Get Paid for your Opinion and Suggestions. Your opinions are valuable. Get money after you complete surveys write reviews and answer questions.

8. Get Paid for Joining Affiliate Programs and Sign ups. Get real money after you join affiliate programs. You can also earn from your referrals.

9. Get Paid for Referrals. Earn money if you can refer your friends to register, join or sign up. Usually you can earn for several referral levels.

10. Get paid for your Own Website. If you already have your own website, why not make money from it. Sign up for Google adsense or let advertisers advertise in your site.

Watch out for my Next Article for I will include at least 50 links where you can earn online.


jed said...

i like your article, your blog. i will visit this again and check on the earning sites you post. i am also a filipino and i want to earn online like you.

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