Saturday, June 30, 2007

At Last!!!

What a day for me- a very busy one. The good news though is that i now have my broadband internet connection so i can browse the net, update my blog, make money online at the comfort of my home. (Yepeey!!!) I've been using the dial up connnection for a long time already and the experience was not pleasant. I can't update my blog regularly back then, but now i can do it even everyday. Still having some problems with my monitor though. I had it repaired because i can only see half of the screen. It was repaired yesterday but after few minutes of use the power turned off. So i had to send it back to the repairman. Right now am using an old monitor-- so old and over used that i get this blurred somewhat greenish, sometimes blue color in the screen. But it's better than nothing. Hopefully my monitor will be okay by tomorrow. Can't wait to use my new internet connection without problems. And can't wait to see an increase in my earnings!


shayna said...

congratulations! broadband connection is way better than dial up.

lady influence said...

thanks shayna. broadband is a lot better than dial up. thanks for dropping by.

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