Sunday, July 1, 2007

Earn with Clixmedia
This might interest you- Clixmedia. It basically works like clixsense. You browse and click the ads and you get paid. It's still worth a try. Just do the clicking in your spare time, perhaps while updating some software in your computer.I copied some of the important facts from the website itself. Check below:

You must view each link clicked for 30 seconds in order to get paid for it.
If the next link is clicked too soon you will receive an error message reminding
you of the 30 second delay. Once you receive credit for a link you will not be able
to click it a second time and when the "collect" page is refreshed that clicked link will
no longer appear in the page view until 24 hours has passed.You can earn 50% of
the revenue of any other member that signs up by following one of your referral
links. Minimum Payout is $5.99 only. All Payments are made via E-Gold and
Earnings Example
You click 15 ads per day worth 1c = $0.15
100 referrals click 15 ads per day worth 1c = $7.50
Your weekly earnings = $53.55
Your monthly earnings = $230.00


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