Monday, July 30, 2007

Assess your Website with LivePR checker

To find your website's Page Rank, you can go to But using this website will only give you your website's total Page Rank. To give you a better grasp of how your pages rank go to this site. Just input your website's url without the http://wwww/- example: and click the "check url pr". Wait for the results to load and that's it.You will now have a glimpse of how many pages of your site has Page Rank of 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. You will also be provided with the PR summary, the cache, the index, the term, the backlinks to your site, alexa rank and keywords. This is a good way to determine how your site is doing.

To check how a particulare keyword for your website ranks in different countries just go to this site. Here's the result for my site using the keyword "legitimate earning sites"--- !


(click image to enlarge)

Sorry for the black portion of the snapshot. Im not familiar with snapshots so anyone who can help me with this matter, please leave some comments. thanks!


kirbitz said...

Hi there lady!

Ive checked this one out. .

I got 0/10. Thats frustrating i should say. but im not down that low coz i just started my blog for over a week yet. . .

I have quite a number of blogs linked to mine but im not sure theyre working well. .

lady influence said...

hi kirbitz. wow, you started you blog for only over a week, but you are doing well and infact your blog was featured at pinoyblogmachine.

i started my blog last week of march and got my PR last may.Don't get frustrated, you will get your PR if you have at least 100 backlinks. check to know if you have backlinks from google and yahoo..

Anonymous said...

hi there, i have already added you in my technorati fave list!

do return me a fave add and comment in my blog, will have your avatar posted!

lady influence said...

i already added you inmy technorati fav list..

Ways to make money online said...

lady influence, its nice that you were able to obtain your PR for a span of 1 month. Most sites obtain their PR's for more than three months. I guess it really depends on your keywords.

lady influence said...

hi ways to make money online, it was less than 3 months when i got my PR-4 for both websites. i am very lucky with the keywords "legitimate earning sites".. i hope i can maintain my standing or improve it. thanks for taking time to commment on my blog. you are always welcome to visit again.

kirbitz said...

Thanks for the encouragement lady! ;)

PLease enlighten me about the keyword thing. What do you have to do to improve keyword performance?

Happy Blogging!

lady influence said...

hi kirbitz. thank you for always checking on my blog. anyway, i made it possible to get a high ranking for the keywords "legitimate earning sites"-- top 1 or 2, or 6, 12, basically am within the top 100 in google search engines and somewhere between top 8-10 for yahoo..

i am not an expert as to how i did that in less than 5 months of blogging. All i know was that i submitted to search engines, directories and i always include "legitimae earning sites" as one of the keywords, or metatags. I also have many posts with the keywords "legitimate earning sites" . Another is that there are many blogs linking to me with the same keywords.

Remember also, to put metatags in your html/template. This is what is seen by crawlers of search engines. there are plenty of free metatag generators, just search google.

Anonymous said...

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