Friday, July 20, 2007

Auction Ads Revenue

I am eligible to recieve payment from Auction Ads! It was not hard to reach the minimum payout of $10 at Auction Ads. And i also have two referrals. I joined the site less than a month ago and all i did was to put the code in my blogs. The next time i check the Earnings i have $10 in my account.
But the sad thing now is this: Auction Ads pays only through Paypal and there is no paypal in the Philippines. While i must admit i joined the site out of curiosity, now am hoping they would pay through checks as well. I still put auction ads code in my blogs. Who knows, one day, the administration will decide to pay through checks and egold.


bidarlah said...

totally feel you there. why do they not allowing other options besides paypal. hmm...

hving said tat, my adsense arent doing that well :(

lady influence said...

hi bidarlah. its a dissapointment to know they only pay via paypal. it is easy to earn at auction ads as long as you have a good blog with many visitors.

on the hand, i hope paypal will work in the Philippines. there are so many Filipino bloggers and we cant grab of every opportunity to earn a few pesos because we have no paypal here. too bad..

you have to have high CTR to get more out of adsense, and plenty of diverse visitors who will click on your ads.

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