Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Favorite Blogs List

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My Favorite Blogs

1. Make Money Online
2. A Lady's Confessions
3. Sexy Partners
4. Free Videos
5. Millionaires Secret
6. Earn Online Money
7. Syaf The Geek
9. Make Money Online Ideas
10. Crazy Aussie Bastard


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1. Copy the Blogs as listed above.
2. Insert your own blogs and your other favorite blogs in the list.
3. Optional: Add an introduction where you found this linking method.
4. Post it in your blog! So simple!


Shawn Lim said...

Hi, thanks for adding me as your favourite blog. Thanks a million

lady influence said...

you are welcome shawn. thank you for constantly visiting my blog.:) ihave a new website. check it out anytime.


Anonymous said...

Tried some of the things you listed but I got lost while navigating their sites. How do you make money from:
Review Centre, Dooyoo, Epinions, Consumer Reviews, Howasit4u?


lady influence said...

hi luigi. I am not a member of all the sites i listed chiefly because they pay via paypal and there is no paypal in the Philippines.

As i understand you make money by writing reviews. You choose the product/website/service to review. Once your review is approved you get paid.

I am a member of reviewme. It pays via check, paypal.

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