Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Real Deal Behind Wowearnings!

Remember my post about wowearnings. Here's the truth behind this once i thought was a terrific site to earn online. This is not yet confirmed but probably is the truth! Wowearnings could be a scam! Here's why.

In my previous post i got some comments from visitors who said they would sign up under my referral. Guess what i got no referrals not even one credited in my account. Could the visitors just lied in saying they would join under my referral? Maybe! or Maybe not!

Another thing is that i read some emails and nothing was credited in my earnings. I read about 4 emails and i was not paid for it.

Now i certainly doubt Wowearnings! I give it the benefit of the doubt because technical problems may have caused why i got no credit for my referrals etc.

In conclusion, i won't focus on wowearnings for now and i guess i'll have to withdraw my recommendation of the site!

Till my next update.... Thanks for reading!


morinn said...

hi. i like your writing style! the tips you write about are awesome! take care ;)

lady influence said...

wow thank you so much morinn! That's really flattering.. thank you for dropping at my site and leaving your comment. I always like it when people interact with me in my blog.take care too!

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