Thursday, July 19, 2007

Your Own Virtual Store for Free

I am so delighted with this new site. It enables you to create a personal store in 2 easy steps and without a cost. OblinQ- as this unique website is called is about product recommendations. Useful interesting products and good deals from a variety of online merchants are made available at one place. If you want to recommend products to people then you can house all your products in your personal virtual store and you get to earn as well from commissions from participating merchants. You choose from a variety of categories say beauty products or health products that you believe in and wish people to try. Better yet for individuals who are under affiliate programs like amazon, this type of virtual store will help you close deals and get paid by amazon. You can put the products in your own personal website or you can choose to place it in your virtual store through OblinQ. Just choose your category for the product then you add the products from any website to your own store. With these two simple steps you have set up your own virtual store. Now as for the earnings- you earn from referrals. However Earnings are only applicable to in-network merchants. OblinQ is really worth a stopover. Check the site!


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