Monday, August 6, 2007

Basics of Blogging and Monetizing

This article is prompted by fellow mylotians who don't know much about blogging and how to earn from it. I'm going to discuss about how to start a blog for free. There are plenty of free webhosting services one can avail of to start a website. I've enumerated below a considerable number of sites offering webhosting services at no cost.

Step 1. Choose your Blog Platform from the List. If you want to buy your own domain then it's your choice. You can get one at a low price at

1. Blogger (This is the platform this blog is using)
2. Wordpress
3 .Aeonity
4. Blogeasy
5 Blogthing
6. Blogates
7 .
9. Freewebs
10. LiveJournal
11. Blogs4me
13. Bravenet

Step 2. Register. Name Your Blog. Choose your template. Just follow the instructions provided by the platform you choose.

Step 3. Write.. Write.. Write.. Start Blogging! I would recommend writing at least 5 posts in the beginning. Make your first posts impressive.

Step 4. Start the Promotion: How?

a. Submit to Search Engines.

I only listed google, yahoo and MSN since these are the major search engines. You must submit to other search engines and directories as well. You can find other search engines in my "Directories" section.

b. Join blogger communities such as:

Again these are only for illustration purposes. This is not a complete list. Search for other communities online. Being a member in this communities is not enough, you need to participate as well.

c. Make friends with other bloggers by visiting and commenting on their sites. You can leave your link but be sure you are not spamming. But you can use your signature URL so you don't need to place the http://www../

d. Exchange Links. If you have friends in the blogging world, you can request for a link exchange. Most bloggers are open for free link trade. Others may not accept your request. Be sure to trade links only with sites that is related to you niche or to your topic.

Step 5. Monetization. Make money while you blog.Well, monetization should start the moment you make your very first post. But you can monetize more efficiently, once you have done all the above steps.

How to Monetize:

1. Place Ads on your Site such as Google Adsense, Adbrite, BidVertiser, Clickbooth and more..
2. Sell Links. You can try Text Link Ads, Reverse Links, Linkworth
3. Place Contextual Links on your site. Try Kontera, V7N.
4. Write Reviews on your Blog. Try ReviewMe!, Sponsoredreviews, Smorty, Blogvertise, payperpost, etc. Make your first review impressive. A little job well done is the first step toward a bigger one.
5. Accept Private transactions such as writing. If you know how to make templates, then use your site to accept customers who want customized template. Be imaginative. Think! Sometimes the greatest of all riches is just plain common sense.

After doing all these steps, you might not still reach your goal, you might get little money than expected, but blogging isn't all success. You see problems your way.If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesnt lead to anywhere. Problems? What to do? Think your way through your problems, don't just wish your way through.


kirbitz said...

Great post Lady! As Usual. ;)

This is sure to give a glimpse to your friends about blogging.

E-mail me.

Have a nice day!

lady influence said...

thanks kirbitz. ill email you within this week..:)

LABestAgent said...

Very well written post~ It's a crash course in Blogging~ 0 to $$$$ in one post~ Thank you for useful info~

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