Friday, August 3, 2007

Make Money At Reverse Links

I have discovered a new money making site which is similar to TLA. Reverse Links enables a website owner to sell links to his site. Registration is free and there is no requirement as to Page Rank, number of visitors and page impressions. As long as you have a website or a blog you can join Reverse Links.

With Reverse Links you set the price per month for the links you are willing to sell. You also determine the number of links to sell, where to put the links, and you have the option to approve or decline offers. Also with Reverse Links you can browse the "current open requests " to offer your links to people that are looking for them- which you cannot do with other similar programs. Payment is sent out at the end of each month, with a $10 minimum.Links must be up at least one month to receive payment.

If you are an advertiser, you can also advertise at Reverse Links. There is a Flat price per ad for monthly or permanent links so you don't worry about cost per click or CPM rates. Visit Reverse Links here.


kirbitz said...

Hey there lady!

Again, nice post. . ;) You asked me about the sponsored post i had. Well, its from blogsvertise. So far, i had 3 offers in 2 weeks. i missed the first one and i got the 2nd and 3rd worth $2 each. . .

lady, If you wont mind me asking, may i have your email add?

I want to discuss quite a number of things with you. :)


lady influence said...

hi kirbitz. blogvertise pays through paypal.there is no paypal in the PHilippines.. how will you get your money?

sure but where will i leave my email add..

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have already added you in my technorati list and blogroll your blog! thanks!

drop me a comment!

AmeyJah said...

I am AmeyJah from My TechLife.
i checked your site in firefox. Your site shows only three ad units (below the post) so just keep them. remove others. I thinks i have desined those places carefully so as to add max profit. These places works best.
any question , leave me comment.

lady influence said...

thanks. i removed the other adsense ad because im afraid i might be violating the adsense policies.. thank you so much for the response.

kirbitz said...

Oh yeah! How could i miss tohat info?. Tsk!

Lady, any advise?

E-mail me at

lady influence said...

what advice do you want? am not that expert.hehehe.. maganda blog mo kababayan.. magaling ka rin sumulat. you will make it in the blogging world.. just be active, make friends.. hehehhe..

Make Money Easily Online said...

Thanks for your link exchange request. I have added your link.

Here's my link:
Make Money Easily Online

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