Thursday, August 16, 2007

Earnings Report for August 1-16

This is my earnings from August 1- 16.

Adsense= $12.88
Kontera= $1.00
Selling Ads= $25.00
Box of Dollars= $17.25 (this is easy money for me.I could easily earn $5 everyday)
Treasuretrooper= $17.00 (waiting for confirmation)
Hits4pay =$11.41
others= $40.0

Total= $182.14


Umar said...

Nice! this is not bad at all man!

I started blogging on September 6 and i was earning n average of $0.30 per day…but it has been increasing slowly and when i made $4.67 two days back i was amazed and for the past 2 days I’ve been making around $1.50 daily… Things are getting better!

Check out the website and if any1 has any suggestions please let me know.. thx [btw im only working with google adsense right now]

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