Friday, August 17, 2007

Traffic Boost Equals Money

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Not long ago I made a post about generating traffic through box of dollars, which was a success for me. I am not a SEO expert, but i do learn a lot from personal research and by listening to what other people expert in this field have to say. It pays to read a lot online.

Here are a few things i learned about boosting your traffic:

1. Traffic doesnt happen overnight. Getting people to visit your website doesn't happen in one night. Building traffic takes time. Don't get frustrated if people don't come to your site after a few days or a few weeks.

2. Don't be fooled by fake SEO Experts and Fake Submission Sites. There are plenty of directories out there claiming to submit your site to 20,000 or 50,000 directories and promising you high ranking in a snap. Some of these services are all lies. It is good to submit to as many directories as possible but be cautious and never part with your money unless you are sure with the service. It is proper that you do researches first. Remember, traffic and geting a high ranking in search engines is easier said than done.

3. Build Links to increase traffic. Who says, links don't work? Of course links work. Build links with other websites and expect traffic coming to your site through your neighborhood website. Another thing, search engines will rank your site taking into consideration you popularity and how many websites link to you sites among others.

4.Make a Good Page/ Templae Design. Try to make a good template design. Make sure you website loads fast and is easy to navigate. Visitors wouldn't want to surf or wait for a slow loading website. Make your site as neat as possible. Experiment.(i've made a couple of changes for this blog. It's a lot of effort because i don't know much about html)

5. Quality Content, Regular Updates.Always make a content that readers would want to read. Make a valuable content. The words "content is king" has been overly used and abused by bloggers but it's true. And now am using it too "content is king"! Stick it to your head. Do regular updates to your site so it would appea active and worth visiting.

6.Write about your niche and on a variety of topics. I am saying this because over the past days, i get most of my visitors through google, yahoo, and msn searches. My site is visible not only when you search about money making, legitimate earning sies, or scam sites but also when you search for blog templates, adsense, and other keywords. But don't stay too far from what your site is really all about.

7. Continuous Work. Building traffic doesn't end. It is a continuous process. Once you have a good traffic, don't stop, try to get a better traffic than what you are getting.If your traffic goes down, find out what's wrong and fix it.
Now that i have more traffic to this blog, i almost double my income. Traffic is money. So focus on increasing traffic to your site and earn more!!


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