Monday, August 13, 2007

Easy Way to Drive 100 People to Your Blog for Free

I'm letting a secret out! We all know that traffic is money. But not all bloggers are willing to part with their money to have a guaranteed traffic. I for one have this idea to never spend a cent to earn money online. So how do i get traffic to this site? Of course, always provide good content to your readers and leave your links to forums, websites and practically anywhere online.

But today i will tell you another way to get traffic to your site without doing all of the things i've mentioned above. Oh yes, traffic to your site: 100 people or more to your blog in minutes, at no cost.

Here's how i get 100 people to this site. I signed up for "Box of Dollars".It is an earning site that pays you for clicking ads, and completing offers. I made 5dollars on the first day i joined. Now for the traffic. Box of Dollars enables its users to convert their earnings into credits that can be used to purchase pay per click ads, pay per read ads, or sign up offer ads.

Conversion system:

Your $1= 40 pay per click link credits
= 20 pay per read credits
= 500 banner credits

Your $2= 80 pay per click link credits
Your $3= 120 link credits
make money online, make money at home

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 getting $3 dollars from Box of Dollars. For example, sign up for 4 free offers that pays $.25 each, you get $2 dollars. The trick is to create a new email address exclusive for Box of Dollars alone so you won't receive spam emails in your other email address. For the other $1 dollar, just click ads that pay $.1 or $.2 each and there is your $3. Just convert you cash to link credits then create your advertisement and use the link credits. 120 people will come crashing to your site in minutes- guaranteed!

This traffic generating scheme applies best to those who want traffic without spending money. I use this system now. While I write this post i also click ads from Box of Dollars and I just made another $2 dollars just by clicking ads that means 80 more people coming to this site in a matter of minutes.

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: Do not advertise your blogs to this site or any GPT sites as it is against Google Adsense Policies! Read the post about it here.


kirbitz said...

This is a great post lady!

Thanks for the tip. And sure, ill sign up under you. ;)

lady influence said...

thanks kirbitz. they pay via e-gold and paypal, but am not focused on the earnings. my priority is the traffic.

Maher said...

thanks for this post lady it gave me a very good information

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing this information. I'm going to join Box of Dollars. :) Ozzieblackcat

Rudi said...

Hi again lady. have you concidred to join exitexplosion for more traffic? I did a post on it on my blog. Here :

Thanks :-)

Maher said...

beware lady influence this might ban you from adsense its said in adsese tos that advertising your site in gpt and paid to click programs may result you in a ban

lady influence said...

thanks maher.
i have emailed adsense admin on this matter and I will post their response in this blog in a few days!

Maher said...

Hi lady influence i am xhacker dont you remember me the guy from BC add me to your msn if you wanna talk more about blogging

Michael Woo said...

hey this is a great tips.. i've referred u :)

vijayanths said...

I always sign under whom I got the valid information. Thanks.

Gerri said...

Yup, sounds like a good idea but as I was reading through (and before I got to the end) I was thinking that you are asking for trouble if you are running Adsense. A good thing is that you were kind warn people about it.

Navjeet said...

will u please tell me in a detail.........i'm a dummy kind of person and also a it takes time....


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