Saturday, August 18, 2007

Monetization Strategies

A part of my ways of monetizing online, i now accept private transactions with a reasonable negotiable price. Part of the services this blog now offers are the following:

1. Text Link Ads= $3/7days, $10/month (additional discounts for bulk orders)

2. Banner Ads= $5/7days, $18/month (for blogs)
$30/month (for commercial sites, subject to agreement)

3. Reviews= $30/200 words ($60 at reviewme. So order your review directly from me)

note: advertiser is free to write the review by
himself, subject to my approval and the review stays in this
blog as long as this blog exists.

Contact me through this email address:


interested said...

ill email you..

lady influence said...

ok interested.ill check my mailbox.

talkingidiot said...

review my blog for $25..
-talking idiot

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